5 Fall Adventure Essentials

Lifestyle ,Travel Oct 17, 2019


The Perfect Fall Haul

Pumpkin patches, apple orchards, foliage trips, wherever you're headed to enjoy Fall there are a few things you should never be without!

Personalized Scarf, Personalized Windowpane Scarf, CLV by Cathy's Concepts

1. A Scarf

The best fall adventures take us outdoors to enjoy the wonderfully crisp air and elaborate colors of fall. So number one on the Fall adventures checklist, is a scarf! We recommend one of our brand new Personalized Windowpane Scarves as the perfect way to cozy-up any fall outfit! Our neutral pallet is perfect for layering with any ensemble. Choose from Grey, Camel, or Ice Blue, then pick from 15 different thread options to add a single initial, or monogram. Go bold with a dark red stitch, or keep it neutral with one of our grey, or white threads. Either way you'll end up with a completely unique scarf that's sure to turn heads!

Personalized Throw Blanket, Personalized Cooler, CLV by Cathy's Concepts

2. A Throw Blanket (or two)

Snuggle up on a hay ride, or lay it out for a fall picnic, a blanket is another must-have accessory for fall adventuring! Our new Personalized Windowpane Throw Blanket not only goes great with your new Scarf, but is also wonderfully functional! It's polyester fabric makes it super soft and warm, but also lightweight and easy to carry. Make it a signature piece by adding your family name, initials, or monogram to the design! Some other great throw blankets are our Herringbone PomBuffalo Check, Herringbone, and Turkish designs.

Personalized Cooler, Personalized Lunch Box, CLV by Cathy's Concepts

3. A Lightweight Cooler

Keep the exploring going by bringing lunch along in an easy-to-haul cooler. Pack up your apple cider, cheese, bread, and anything else you can think of in our Personalized Craft Beer 12 Pack Bottle Cooler! Choose from our lovely Autumnal Green or timeless Navy and of course make it your own by adding your initials, name, or monogram! 

Personalized Tote bag, Personalized Canvas tote, CV by Cathy's Conepts

4. A Tote

Put your blanket, your apples, or your small pumpkins and gourds in a tote to make hauling your fall finds easy and conveniently fashionable. We recommend our Personalized Washed Canvas Tote in Green or Black for fall, but find whatever tote fits your style in our Totes collection

Personalized Canvas Weekender, Personalized Weekender bag, CLV by Cathy's Concepts

5. A Weekender

Whether you're packing it up with clothes for the weekend, or simply need some help hauling your pumpkin, a weekender is another Fall Adventure must-have! Our Personalized Washed Canvas Weekender is especially ideal as it's incredibly spacious and has a rustic look that makes it fit perfectly with any fall outfit or outing! As always, add your name, initials, or monogram for free to add that extra touch of you to your look.

And there you have it! With a scarf, blanket, cooler, tote, and weekender you are ready for any fall adventure you can dream of! All that's left to do is ask Siri for directions to the nearest pumpkin patch!