An Easy Tablescape for Fall that Works for Any Family

Oct 06, 2020


Labor Day has passed, the days are growing shorter and there is a crispness in the air. Fall has officially arrived! That means trading deck furniture for firewood, bright summer colors for autumn hues and short sleeves for sweaters. Of course, it’s also time to decorate your home for fall!

Our favorite place to show our creative side with fall décor is easily the dining table. A beautiful fall tablescape creates a focal point for the home, even if you don’t have the time or energy decorate other areas. Plus, a tablescape comes together quickly and is relatively inexpensive while also having a dramatic impact. (Our second favorite place to decorate is the front door, but that is a post for another day.) Gathering around the table feels so natural in the fall, especially with the holiday season quickly approaching. Gone is summer and the days of informal get togethers in the backyard. The change to fall brings about a close coziness that goes with the season. Here are some tips on crafting a cornucopia of fall décor for your table.

Be Realistic

Yes, there were some truly amazing tablescapes on Instagram. We have seen them and saved them and promised ourselves that this year we will recreate our favorite in our own home. But then soccer practice starts, and homework takes over, and next thing you know fall has passed and the snow is flying. Be realistic about how much time you have and how often your table is used. Sure, what you saw on Instagram is beautiful, but do you want to remove all those pieces to work on a diorama for your 4th grader every night?

Fall is More Formal

There is something delightfully summer about sipping your favorite pét-nat from a colorful, vintage juice glass or tumbler you found at the flea market. But fall feels different, more formal. Swap out your summer glassware for more stately pieces. Personalized wine glasses offer a classic elegance and can be paired with rustic or natural décor depending on your overall aesthetic.

Cloth napkins bring color to your tablescape. Are cloth napkins always practical during the week for a busy family? Probably not. But they are nice to have on hand for hosting a dinner party. Relatively inexpensive, they are easy to store (as opposed to plates) and can quickly add a whole new look.

The same goes for serving pieces, brush off that personalized cheeseboard set. Get creative with your serving pieces, incorporate serveware into your tablescape. A slate tray adds a dramatic, natural touch for a centerpiece of vintage bottles, or a lantern filled with gourds. That sophisticated cake stand you love? Use it to build height in the middle of the table.

Searching your cabinets and pantry for classic pieces that you already have on hand can help to create a magnificent fall tablescape!

Take Advantage of Your Environment

Look around your yard for design elements you can incorporate into your tablescape. Twigs, acorns, pinecones, ornamental grass plumes and cattails all bring an interesting and natural element to your tablescape. Additionally they can be fun for the family to find and are free!

Are you a regular at the farmer’s market? Bring an extra tote, like our fall favorite, the personalized straw tote bag, and pick up some bountiful fall produce. Be creative, think outside of tiny pumpkins. Use the color and size variation in apples for a tasty and eye-catching display. Tie in off whites and plum coloring with the humble turnip. Let your imagination run wild and be inspired!

Set the Basics for a Quick Switch

Start with a basic table runner in a muted linen tone, or if you have some leftover burlap from another project that works well too. Pick a neutral color palette that can allow for accent colors. Think creamy whites with bursts of amber. Build your tablescape around the centerpiece, playing with heights and textures. Use natural elements or items found at the farmer’s market to build out your design. Buy some fun colorful, paper napkins celebrating fall for everyday use. Now comes the best part, while this tablescape will delight your family for everyday use, a few quick changes and you are ready for a dinner party. Swap the paper napkins with cloth in a color that fits the design, add your elegant, personalized wine glasses, and finish with votives candles set in glass holders that also match your color palette.

Even if you don’t have time to decorate every room of your home for fall, that doesn’t mean that cozy autumn feel is unobtainable! A quick, easy, and inexpensive tablescape brings all the best elements of fall into your home. For the hustle and bustle of busy school and work weeks to sophisticated dinner parties, the right tablescape sets the mood for the season.