Beer Glassware and Vessels to Complement Your Brew

Lifestyle Mar 08, 2021


With the rise of craft beer and breweries in the United States, more people are taking their beer very seriously. Consuming beer has morphed from a casual occurrence to a cultural event. Like wine, beer has a set of best practices to achieve the optimal flavor and taste. Some of that flavor is achieved from the glassware in which the beer is served. Let’s explore beer glassware a little further.


Twenty years ago, it is fair to say a limited amount of beer drinking Americans were familiar with growlers. Now, it is very common to have a growler from your favorite local brewery. Enthusiasts often prefer growlers to cans or bottles because the beer is fresher. Of course, freshness is also determined by the output of the brewery. Growlers also provide an opportunity to try new or experimental beers that are on tap, but not available in bottles or cans. Growlers let the take home 64 oz. of draft beer they can’t find anywhere else and share it will friends, as well. While growlers from brew pubs are traditionally glass, metal growlers, like this Personalized Beer Growler, are becoming increasing popular as they provide safe transport and keep the beer cold.

Barlow Beer Glasses:

If you love aromatic brews such as IPAs and other hoppy varieties, Barlow Beer Glasses are for you. The shape of the glass consists of a narrow bottom blossoming into a bowl shape towards the top. This helps to release all the nuanced aromas that reach your nose before you take your first sip, heightening the overall flavor. While traditionally used for enjoying specific styles of beer, our customized Barlow beer glasses lend to the flavor of any fine brew. They also add a touch of style to any party or table.

Beer Mugs:

Mugs are a great choice when temperature is a concern. If you bring a growler home from the local brewery on a warm summer day, you’ll quickly discover that a traditional pine glass leads to warm beer—and no one likes warm beer on a hot day. Thanks to the handle, beer mugs help to solve that problem. Instead of holding the beer glass with your hand, which transfers heat and raises the temperature, a handle acts as a barrier between your hand and the glass, just like on a coffee mug. Add to the overall experience with Personalized Craft Beer Mugs to match your growler.

Pilsner Glasses:

You guessed it, pilsner glasses are created specifically for serving pilsners, but do you know why? The long shape of pilsner glasses provides lots of space for all the tiny carbonation bubbles to travel to the top which helps create a thick head. A thick head on beer traps the aromatics, again heightening the overall experience. The length of the glass also helps to show off the beautiful, light color. While first crafted for pilsners, this glass style works for almost any light color beers, such as lagers or blonde ales, making our Personalized Pilsner Beer Glasses a must have for any beer connoisseur.


While flights were more often seen in pubs and breweries, since the pandemic, they have earned a place in the home. Flights are a fun way to taste and rate a variety of beers. You can sample a mix and match 6 packs with friends or ask everyone to bring over a growler of their favorite craft. The Personalized Bamboo and Slate Craft Beer Tasting Flight helps you keep track of your favorite with a built-in chalk board. Beer flights and growlers are a great way to support local business and enjoy the best of brewery at home!