Fabulous Finds $50 or Less This Holiday Season

Dec 30, 2020


The holidays are traditionally a time for family and friends to gather, share a meal, entertain, express gratitude, and set a wonderful foundation for a new year. While 2020 has been anything but traditional, there are still wonderful ways to celebrate the season. Whether you are hosting or traveling this holiday season, there are some fabulous custom gifts for less than $50 to help make the season merry and bright.

Hosting a Holiday Get Together

Wine and cheese are a staple of hosting no matter how you slice it. That all starts with a beautiful cheese board. The Personalized 5-Piece Gourmet Cheese Board Set with Holiday Wreath Design is perfect for the holidays. It’s an all-in-one wooden cheese board that features serving utensils and a wreath design that encircles the initial of your choice.

While wine has long been the go-to pairing for cheese, it’s certainly not the only option. In that respect, your beverage choices reflective of your personal taste. If you go the classic route and opt for wine, consider sipping it from a Personalized 23 oz. Red Wine Estate Glass. This set of four glasses is crafted from handblown glass and features an angular bowl atop an elongated stem.

If wine isn’t your cup of tea, so to speak, consider keeping a set of four Personalized Craft Beer Pilsner Glasses on tap. Perfectly contoured to enhance aromas and flavors, personalized beer glasses are a great way to enjoy your favorite oatmeal stout or hazy IPA. It’s also lovely way to showcase a homebrew or two.

If you consider yourself more of an alchemist of alcohol—or perhaps a barista of booze—then “open and pour” may not be your style. That’s okay, because a Personalized 24 oz. Cocktail Shaker from CLV is perfect for any occasion. Whether you fancy a sidecar, a gimlet, or a vesper martini (shaken, not stirred), a personalized shaker means your signature will be on every drink.

Traveling for the Holidays

Whether across town or across the country, the holidays are a particularly travel-intensive time of year. Having the right travel accessories, though, can make travel a walk in the park. Consider your bag. The Personalized Convertible Backpack Tote makes for an adorable overnight bag or convenient carry-on; two shoulder straps easily convert to one over-the-shoulder strap that makes carrying comfortable in any situation.

Keep your contents neat and organized with a Vegan Leather Travel Case. PETA-approved vegan leather and durable construction make it easy-peasy to keep your passport, cosmetics, or other essentials organized and at hand. For longer trips, you can double up with a Personalized Two-Piece Vegan Leather Travel Set. For gents who like to keep their nails trimmed, beard combed, and coiffure coiffed, the Men's Nylon Dopp Kit is handy way to carry those grooming supplies—and, yes, it even includes free personalization.

Keeping Cash and Cards in Check

When you are traveling, you want to know where your cash and cards are always. Even if you don’t have big travel plans, the holidays are a time of year when most of us are in and out of our wallets more than usual. The Personalized Vegan Leather Keychain Wallet clips to your favorite purse or handbag, so it’s always at hand. With five color options and free personalization, this wallet is set to be your new favorite.

For the fellas, a handcrafted, bi-fold Personalized Genuine Leather Mens Wallet is a gift that is right on the money any time of year. Personalization adds a touch of class to this everyday essential.

In Conclusion

While the 2020 holiday season will be one to remember for obvious reasons, there are still many ways to make it one you’ll never forget. With plenty of fabulous finds for less than $50, you can procure something for everyone on your list, whether you are hosting, guesting, traveling, or cozying up at home.

Finally, we raise our personalized glasses and offer a toast to our customers for staying with us in 2020: May the sun shine on your faces and the road rise up to meet your feet.

To 2021!