Five Fun Fall Activities

Sep 21, 2020


Fall, with crisp cool days and colorful leaves, it really is a wonderful time for so many different activities. While everyone has their favorites such as picking heirloom apples, hayrides, and a trip to the pumpkin patch, we came up with some slightly different ideas for a fun fall.

Horseback Color Tour

Hiking through your favorite park or taking a drive in a forested area has long been a favorite pastime of fall color seekers. But have you ever enjoyed the brilliance of fall color from the back of a horse? Fall is a wonderful time for horseback riding. You can cover more ground than you would hiking and you get to experience nature much closer than you would from the window of a car. Check your local stables for a pricing of trail rides and the experience level required. Ask if you can pack a throw blanket and snacks for a small picnic during your ride.

Home Beer (Wine, Whiskey, or Cider) Tasting

Break out the tasting glasses, invite over some friends and have everyone bring a 6 pack or growler of their local fall favorite for a tasting party. Beer lovers rejoice in the complexity of fall beers from bold stouts and porters to smooth drinkable marzens and helles. For those who prefer a crisper note during the fall look for local ciders, popping up all over the country. Don’t forget a bottle of Gamay for those who equate the reds of fall with more than maple leaves. Pair brews with personalized beer glasses or tasting flights. If you don’t have glassware specifically crafted for cider, we recommend stemmed white wine glasses, but any of our personalized wine glasses will do the trick. If you really want to warm up your insides and support local business, visit your nearest small batch distiller, and purchases a couple of bottles for tasting. Serve in our personalized rock glasses or whiskey tasting flight glasses.

Driveway Tailgate Then Watch the Game on an Outdoor Screen

Yes, football is a little different this year, but that is no reason to forgo tailgating or watching your favorite team battle their rival on the gridiron. If you had backyard movie nights, shift that screen (or sheet) to the garage door for football games. Double check that you have the rights apps, connections, and streaming service before the big game. Set up lawn chairs and have your friends park with their hatchback or tailgate facing the garage for stadium style seating. Throw together your favorite chili in the slow cooker along with a personalized cheese board set filled with tasty nibbles and a cooler filler for a true tailgate. And don’t forget the cornhole and ladderball!

Fall Scavenger Hunt

A great way to get a little exercise, embed tiny bit of science for kids and have a whole lot of fun for any age. This can be done at a local park or in your own backyard. Many free worksheets exist online for backyard scavenger hunts. If planning this for your kids, select one that is suitable for their ages. As they find different objects such as a red leaf or pinecone discuss some interesting points of the object. For example, explain why leaves change color or the purpose of a pinecone.

If you are playing this game with adults use more difficult clues and divide the group into teams depending on the number of participants. Each team needs to find the clue location and take a selfie at that place. For example, if your hunt takes place in the park with canoe rentals a clue could be: “In a vessel is the next clue, I surely can’t, but can you?” Whichever team finds returns with all the required pictures required wins. Have everyone meet back at your home for drinks and laughs. Award bottles of wine, t-shirts, or personal coolers to the winning team.

New Rich Recipes

Fall is all about richer, heartier foods. Use your slow cooker, multi cooker or old fashion Dutch oven to explore new recipes. While main courses are typically the focus on new recipe exploration, invest some time into appetizers and hors’ d’oeuvres as well. Between football season, dinner parties, and the fast-approaching holidays, now is the time to test new finger food. Be sure to test a recipe through in the entirety. For example, how will this travel? What will it be served on? Often a classic slate tray brings a sophisticated yet natural feel to just about any food. Wooded or marble cheese boards often double as platters for party food.

Winter will be here before you know it! Get out and enjoy all that fall has to offer, from football games with friends, to the beauty of nature to discovering fun and fanciful foods!