Five of our Favorite: Weekender Features

Lifestyle ,Travel ,Series Sep 20, 2019


The Always-On-Trend Vegan Leather Weekender

Our Black Vegan Leather Weekender is hands down one of our favorite pieces this fall! While Black Vegan Leather is always in-season, it really hits it's stride in the colder months. Distracting as the fabulous look may be, like the best people, it's what's inside that really makes this bag special. For every "I wish this bag had..." thought you've ever had while packing, there is a feature to match it in this weekender! So for today's post, we thought we would clue you in on 5 of our favorite features that you may have missed while you were busy daydreaming about how cute it would look on your shoulder.

1. The Take-It-All Packing Space

Whether it's a deep love for fashion, last-minute packing, or classic overthinking that constantly has you bringing half your closet for a weekend trip, we support you and even more importantly, we understand you. The primary packing space in this bag can take whatever you throw at it in stride, and its gold-dotted interior is sure to "spark joy" even if Marie Kondo would not approve of your packing habits. 

2. The Ever-So-Convenient Shoe Compartment

The bottom zip section of our weekenders are full of possibilities. Personally, we recommend using it to store your shoes, so that the pumpkin field you walked through stays on the bottom of your shoe and not on your favorite fall sweater. But, it can also be used for your toiletries or anything else that you would like to keep easily accessible during your trip.

3. The Switch-It-Up Straps

Use the over-sized top handles, or the removable shoulder strap to easily carry this weekender on whatever adventure you're embarking on. No matter how long the journey, we design our weekenders to make travelling as easy as possible. 

4. The Free-From-Damage Feet

These little golden feet are small but mighty. Setting your bag down is inevitable, and typically so is the dirt that comes along with it. We love how these pretty little feet keep the bottom of your bag looking fresh and new!

5. The Make-it-Yours Personalization

Personalization is always free here at CLV, which means it is always possible to make your bag as you as you could ever want it to be. Add a single initial, or all three and let the world know that this gorgeous, feature-packed Vegan Leather Weekender is all yours!