Fun Summer Party Pairings

Jun 07, 2021


We believe everyone is looking forward to the summer even more than usual this year! And after last summer we can’t blame them! People are looking for any excuse for a small party, so we came up with some fast and fun ideas we think you will enjoy.

Yard Games and Local Brews:

Break out the cornhole and set up ladder golf; your own backyard can be an outdoor amusement zone for adults and kids alike! This is also a great opportunity to bring back some classics depending on how many people are coming over. Sack races? Sure! Spoon races? Why not? Dig that old croquet set out of the garage and draw a hopscotch board on the driveway. These games take very little time to set up and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

What to Serve: This is the perfect opportunity to serve up some classic backyard delights. Think hot dogs and sliders, chips and dip, or small sandwiches. For super competitive friends, corndogs are sure bet as it leaves one hand open for tossing beanbags. Serve food from the kitchen or the grill on our popular personalized serving trays.

What to Drink: This is a great time to show off your glassware. Plan ahead and stop at your local brewery with your custom beer growler. Or swing through your favorite beer depot and grab a variety of interesting beers. It’s a party, so take the time to serve them in their proper glasses. Kick the party up even further with custom beer glasses, including personalized craft beer mugs from CLV. Oh, and when the party is over? All custom beer glasses from CLV can all go in dishwasher.

Wine and Cheese:

Sure, you have been to wine and cheese parties before, so make this one a little more interesting. Instead of going with your favorite cheeses, visit your local cheese monger and try something new! Often cheese shops will let you taste a variety of cheeses and give you the backstory of how and where they are made. When you share your new selections with friends and family you can regale them with these fun facts.

Another way to way to make a wine and cheese party more interesting is with regional pairings. If you live in a wine growing area, your focus can be completely local. Take the time to enjoy your local wineries and stop at the farmer stands along the to taste seasonal fruits and cheeses. All of these will be appreciated at your party. If you don’t live close to wine growing country, perhaps there is one regionally with bottles available in your local wine store.

You could also opt for an international pairing. Think French with a Bordeaux and Camembert or Spanish with a Manchego and Cava pairing. Yes, Italy boasts the king of cheeses but there are so many to try besides Parmigiano-Reggiano. Explore a fine Fontina and Chianti. Remember, what grows together flows together! Cheese made in the same region as the wine will encompass the subtle favor nuances.

This is the time to use your favorite glassware! Be sure you have enough for each guest for and for each type of wine. If you need add a new set of custom wine glasses to your collection, we recommend our Personalized White Wine Glasses Estate Collection along with our Personalized Red Wine Glasses Estate Collection. They complement your featured wines and the collections are meant to be used together. Don’t forget the custom champagne glasses for anything with bubbles. We carry a variety of stemmed champagne glasses, as well as their modern counterpart: custom stemless champagne glasses.

What to Serve: All of the new wonderful cheeses you have discovered on a beautiful custom cheese board, such as our Pineapple Marble Cheese Board or Personalized Slate and Acacia Cheese Board with Utensils.

What to Drink: Wine!

All in Good Fun

No matter if you are looking to have a rumpus time with friends over cornhole or an elegant evening with the best wine and cheese you can find, we are so excited to be celebrating together again! You don’t need a reason to use your fine custom wine glasses or personalized serving trays. Simply seeing friends and family again is reason enough!