How to Show Your Team Spirit In Style This Season

Oct 10, 2019


We're Ready For Football Season, Are you?

Football and fall are fairly synonymous terms here in the US. The air begins to cool and suddenly you know, it's time to bring out your jersey and prepare yourself for a season of heartbreak or triumph. Luckily, win or lose, attending a game is an intoxicating experience. Even before the game starts, tension and excitement fill the air and set your heart racing. Hope makes a rare appearance on every face and in every mind in the arena, and it's wonderfully tangible. 

There's also an incredible sense of togetherness and community that isn't only felt but seen in the waves of color that fill the stadium. Where typically strangers are simply strangers, in the case of sporting events a stranger can feel like a friend or a teammate, and it all depends on the simple matter of what color they're wearing. It's a strange and wonderful tradition that we all take part in, and one that we at CLV are excited to participate in!

Personalized Clear Stadium Clutch, Stadium bag, clear clutch

A Bag Made With You and Your Team in Mind

We launched our new Stadium Crossbody Bag and Clutch with arena events in mind. Most sporting games and concerts now require that you keep your belongings in clear bags for safety purposes. So, we created a bag that meets those standards but in a classic and fashionable way (of course).

Now we are taking the design a step further by adding personalization options meant to coordinate with your favorite sports team! You may now choose from 7 different foil colors and a single initial, three initials, or a custom line for personalization so you have space to call out your team, or whatever you see fit to best show your team spirit on Game-Day!

Personalized stadium bag, personalized stadium clutch, clear crossbody bag, clear clutch, football accessories

So, grab our Crossbody Bag, Clutch, or Stadium Set, choose your team's color and make it your own with your initials, your team's name, or your city's initials! Throw on your matching jersey and get ready to answer the question, "Where'd you get that bag?" 

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