Kick Off Summer Entertaining with NEW Personalized Pieces

Mar 29, 2021


The summer entertaining season is right around the corner. Perhaps this year more than any other people are looking forward to backyard BBQs, block parties and just about any reason to get together and celebrate. Elevate your entertainment game with stylish new pieces from CLV.

Mix-up a Good Time:

Everyone should have a quick and easy signature cocktail they can whip up in an instant when company drops by or at an informal gathering. Gimlets anyone? Afterall, who wants to be stuck behind the bar all evening? The Leather Wrapped Cocktail Shaker delivers all of the classic shaker drinks you love and anything new you can imagine. The leather wrapping not only brings a stylish element, it keeps the warmth from your hand off the shaker. Choose from black or brown leather and add your own customization such as an initial or monogram. A lovely addition to any barware collection.

Standard Beer Drinking:

It seems like every summer sees a new specialty beer glass appear to help you properly enjoy your Imperial Porter or Grapefruit Radler. But what happens what you want to enjoy a classic American-style lager? Sure, a pint glass will work but beer gets warm so quickly when holding a pint. The answer is a genuine beer mug. Crafted from sturdy glass our Personalized 16 oz. Beer Mug features a handle and sturdy bottom to help keep your beer cool. Ideal for any brew with a full head or lots of lacing, these traditional style custom beer mugs also work for mass produced supermarket specials. Looking for another use for these classic beer mugs? They make fantastic root beer floats for kids thanks to their handles and wide openings!

Don’t Forget the Snacks:

Summer is not the time to spend 3 hours in the kitchen expertly crafting mini beef wellingtons. Summer is the time to whip up a quick snack that your friends and family love but lets you get outside. Our Acacia Serving Board with 4 Piece Knife Set is an elegant option to serve quick nibbles. Simply keep a few favorite cheeses in your fridge and when company pops by you always have a beloved snack option ready. Not sure what cheeses to serve for a well-rounded cheese board? Check out our post on building the perfect cheese board!

Finely made from Acacia wood, each board comes with a set of 4 specialty cheese knives including:

  • a soft cheese knife with holes and sharp edge for your brie or camembert
  • a flat cheese knife with a wide flat blade for semi hard cheeses (hold vertically and press down)
  • a parmesan knife with a pointed edge for breaking off hunks
  • a cheese fork, for breaking up larger chunks and serving pieces of cheese

No matter what type of cheese is your favorite you will have the perfect way to serve it to guests with this beautiful, personalized cheese board set. Pair with a fresh gimlet from the Leather Wrapped Cocktail Shaker for the perfect happy hour for yourself or to share with friends!