Make Dry January Exceptional!

Jan 14, 2021


January 1st brings a feeling of change. Bad habits are kicked to the curb replaced with a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle. This is going to be YOUR year. You are going to do all the things you have talked about:

  • eat clean
  • join the 5 am club
  • workout daily
  • meditate
  • lose the weight
  • have a dry January

Yes, you are going to own this year!

If you are anything like us, January always starts off strong and then we start to backslide mid-month. Our intentions were solid, but we didn’t factor in all of life’s little complications. Admittedly the 5 am club was the first to go. If we are completely honest that was never going to happen. Still, we are eating pretty clean, oatmeal raisin cookies are a better choice than chocolate chip, right? They have oatmeal and raisins! And we have been working out somehow between virtual school, work, laundry, and taking care of the new puppy. (Whose idea was that by the way?) Dry January is still going strong. Although, there have been moments of weakness with the new puppy and the kids not wanting to take him out because, “it’s cold.”

For those moments when a crisp, gin gimlet would really hit the spot, we have created the following mocktail. We have discovered that using specialty glassware elevates the experience, making it feel a little bit more special. For this cocktail we use a custom rocks glass, the Personalized 11 oz. Gold Rim Whiskey Glasses are our new favorite. The gold rim gives that touch of luxury that we are craving by the end of January. Any rocks glass, highball glass or a personalized wine glass, red or white, will also work. This mocktail looks especially pretty in our Estate Glasses.

Make it Through January Mocktail:

This is a crisp, light mocktail. The botanical notes give the drink a healthy overall feel. February 1st, feel free to add a splash of gin or vodka.

  • 2 long slices of English cucumber + 2 cucumber wheels diced
  • 1 small bunch of mint
  • Juice from quarter to half of a lime
  • Fine sparkling water with smaller bubbles
  • Ice
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Glass

Add diced cucumber, lime juice, and 2 springs of mint to the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Fill glass with ice, then pour ice into cocktail shaker. Shake ingredients together. Refill glass with fresh ice and 2 long slices of cucumber. Strain shaker into glass. Fill with sparkling water and garnish with spring of slapped mint. Enjoy!