What Personalization Means at CLV

Aug 24, 2020


We know everyone loves to feel special, which is why personalization is so important to us here at CLV by Cathy’s Concepts! It dawned on us recently, we have a lot of different ways to personalize our items, and while you our customer, might be aware of some of them, are you aware of all of our custom capabilities? Learn about the various techniques we use, the options you can choose and what makes our personalization the absolute best!


We use embroidery for a number of our products including some of our bags like the Personalized Quilted Nylon Backpack and our cozy throws. Embroidery involves using thread and a needle to apply a design to fabric. Embroidery has been used since ancient times across the globe to add decoration through stitched patterns. Embroidery became a highly sought-out form of art, as everything was hand-stitched, and only available to the very wealthy. Thanks to the industrial revolution, embroidery is much more accessible and stiffer fabrics can now be embroidered. Which brings us back to personalization at CLV by Cathy’s Concepts. When you select a product with custom embroidery, you can choose the style of font and the color of the thread. Plus select from a custom line, a single initial, initials or a monogram. And with fifteen thread color options you get exactly the look you desire!


Many of our products, such as many of our custom cosmetic bags, are personalized with a sophisticated stamping process. This method is chosen for smaller products, where embroidery may not show as clearly or for products crafted with tougher material such as leather. For most products undergoing the stamping process, the personalization is added with a type of foil in either, gold, silver or black. Again, you can choose adding a single initial or multiple initial. As many of our bags, jewelry cases and clutches come in a variety of colors, the different foils create various looks from modern to more traditional.

Laser Engraving:

Laser engraving comes in handy when adding personalization to everything from personalized stemless champagne flutes to our beautiful collection of slate trays and cheese boards. Often, when you see personalized glassware, the customization is achieved through etching not laser engraving. While etching does have its place and can provide a lovely outcome, we prefer the long-lasting results and heightened durability of laser engraving. Laser engraving, like our other methods, comes with its own personalization options depending on the product.

The CLV Difference:

At CLV by Cathy’s Concepts we want you to love your personalized product! We also know that not everyone is an expert on visualizing how an initial or monogram will look on the product of their choosing. When you personalize a product on our website, you can see exactly how it will look when you receive it. Change the font, the thread color and the initial and watch as your custom product takes shape.

We also believe that getting a product you love personalized shouldn’t cost you any more money, which is why personalization at CLV is always free! If you have questions about our personalization processes please consult our Personalization Policy page, or contact Customer Service, they are always ready to help. Happy Personalizing!