What’s in a Monogram?

May 27, 2021


What is a Monogram?

Let’s start with what exactly a monogram is. A monogram is a formation of letters that creates a symbol representing an individual or a family. The letters typically come from the name of the family and are combined in a specific styling or pattern.

History of Monogram

Monograms date all the way back to ancient times and were used by the Greeks and Romans on coins. Monograms were also used by craftsman and artists as a way to represent their guild. Similar to the way we use trademarks today. European royalty and the aristocracy have a long tradition of using monograms and cyphers to signify official documents and their property.

Since monograms were popular with the upper echelons, it should come as no surprise that the trend followed amongst the rest of society. In the Victorian era, monograms were all the rage with everything from linens and handkerchiefs to jewelry bearing a monogram.

Monogramming continues to be popular today, however the rules have changed a bit since the Victorian era with monograms receiving a modern makeover.

Monogram Rules of Thumb

The most traditional of monograms patterns using the first initial from the first, middle and last name. Let’s use Avery Blake Carson as an example. Using the traditional pattern, the monogram would like this:


The last name goes in the middle spot between the first name and the middle. It should be larger or more exaggerated since it is the family name.

However, in more recent times, the rules of monogramming have changed. Often, individuals are using an initial only from their first or last name.


Or they use the initials form their name in order keeping the size of the letters and the style uniform.


Perhaps the most exciting time for monograms is marriage. Traditionally, couples tend to go with the female’s name first, the last name in the middle and the males name in the final place. Avery and Carter Smith would have a monogram that looks like:


Many couples are breaking away from tradition and using a more simplistic two initial monogram. They can choose whichever initial to start with and often go with what looks more aesthetically pleasing. Using the above example:


Same sex couples using a three initial monogram have the option of selecting which name they would like to put first. Again, using the example above:

aSc or cSa

More and more couples are choosing to hyphenate their names in marriage. Just like with any type of monogram, we have seen creative options when it comes to hyphenated names. The most common tends to be using the first initial of the hyphenated last name, so for Avery and Carter Braun-Smith the monogram would look like:


Why Monogram

It can seem like there are a lot of rules when it comes to monograms, and traditionally that may have been true. But times have changed! The important thing to remember with monograms is to have fun! We are no longer living in Victorina England and are free to create and use whatever type of monogram we feel best represents us as an individual, as a couple or as a family unit.

Monograms create a custom and often luxurious feel to items we use every day such as bath towels or items we use for special occasions like custom champagne flutes. Monograms extend way past luggage and have found there way to a variety of bags like custom clutches and personalized cosmetic cases even duffle bags for him. Monograms add that personal touch to serverware such as customized cheese boards or trays for a meaningful hostess gift or custom housewarming gift. Adding a monogram for yourself makes an item feel that much more special, it is a part of your brand, a part of you! Adding a monogram to a gift shows you put in the extra effort to make that gift unique to the individual.

At CLV by Cathy’s Concepts personalization is always free! So what are you waiting for? Starting adding a monogram to your favorite items today!