Winter Hot Chocolate Bar

Jan 06, 2021


Looking for something the whole family will enjoy this winter? Setup a hot chocolate bar and watch the fun unfold! This is a tasty way to make the any wintry day feel a little bit more magical. It is fast, easy and doesn’t create a big mess or lots of dishes! Plus, you can customize your hot chocolate bar for your friends and family.

Start at the Store

We recommend starting with a premium hot chocolate. This can be a mix or a recipe you make from scratch. The internet is full various ideas incorporating different types of chocolate, everything from traditional milk chocolate to blonde hot chocolates. Think about who you will be serving and what they might enjoy.

Once you have a base recipe selected, the fun really begins. Choose a number of various toppings like you would do for an ice cream sundae bar. We recommend including the traditional options like whipped cream and mini marshmallows but feel free to let your imagination soar. Think: crushed peppermint candies, a variety of sprinkles, chocolate or mini chocolate chips, candy canes, hot fudge or caramel sauce, gingerbread cookies, toasted coconut flakes, graham crackers or fruit such as raspberries.

If there will be several adults indulging in your hot chocolate bar, set out a bottle or two of some liquors that blend well with chocolate. Bailys and Peppermint Schnapps are classical choices, but spiced rum, whiskey and Drambuie also are great additions. For an extra special twist, include foiled chocolate liquor bottles, popular at the holidays, for the adults. These sweet little bottles melt into the chocolate and add boozy punch.

Set up at Home

We recommend setting everything up at home ahead of time. Mason jars work well for the toppings and double as easy storage. Add some ribbon to the top of the jar for a touch of brightness. Place the filled jars on a tray, CLV has a wonderful selection serveware including slate trays and wood trays, then store in an out of the way location. When you are ready to serve, all you need to so is place the tray on the counter and unscrew the lids!

When you are ready to serve your hot chocolate bar, simply put the tray on the counter and place serving spoons next to jars. The right mugs complete the hot chocolate bar. For an extra special touch, use customized coffee mugs. For a more sophisticated look try our Personalized Irish Coffee Mugs.

Make it a Party

Hot chocolate is a great way to warm up after sledding, ice skating, or other winter fun. Bring your hot chocolate bar to your outdoor campfire and enjoy spending time outside. It does not matter where you set up your custom hot chocolate bar, it will be enjoyed by all!