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A timeless set of wine glasses is essential for any home barware collection. CLV offers a variety of sizes and designs, ensuring there is a perfect wine glass for everyone. Our Estate Collection glasses feature large bowls and thin stems and look beautiful with any table setting. CLV’s personalized rock glasses and and personalized beer glasses are crafted from hand-blown glass and offer free monogramming always!  Check out our blog series of fun recipes for more ways to enjoy your personalized glassware!


CLV boasts an impressive range of serveware items, perfect for house-warming gifts. Designed to be staples in your kitchen, all of CLV’s serving trays are crafted out of natural materials. Take a look at a personalized cheese board set, square slate boards, or choose from any of our round cheese boards, or wooden charcuteries. Rounding out CLV’s serving collection are the personalized serving sets.  Each board features free personalization and is multi-functional. Use them for displaying, serving, or decorating.

Designed to be staples in your home entertaining collection, all of CLV’s serving trays are beautifully crafted from natural materials. The Personalized Acacia Slate Tray makes an excellent breakfast tray. It features an acacia structure with a removable slate piece in the center that engraves beautifully. All of our decorative slate trays come with hemp handles and soapstone chalk, making them ideal for hosting dinner parties. All of our entertaining pieces are designed in-house and offer free personalization. 


CLV’s throws make cozy accent pieces for any living space. Choose from a selection of colors and personalizations to fit any style. Make from soft fabrics and designed for comfort, our throw blankets make great gifts for any occasion. CLV’s pillows make charming accent pieces for any living space. Choose from a multitude of designs or personalized your own to add a touch of chic to your home. They make great house-warming gifts too!