Personalization Policy

  • CLV by Cathy’s Concepts does not add an additional charge for personalization. 
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges of personalized products.
  • Please note the personalization will be applied to the product exactly as typed and shown in the product personalization preview. 
  • Each product is displayed with specific font and design options. 
  • We can only personalize a product with one of its specific personalization options. Personalization options vary by product and cannot be interchanged. 
  • Numeric dates will always be separated by periods unless otherwise specified. 
  • Please do not type personalization in all uppercase or all lowercase letters unless that is how you want it displayed on the product. Some products may only offer one letter case. 
  • Only enter characters that are shown on a standard American keyboard. We are not able to replicate international characters or characters with accents. 
    • Permitted characters: a-z lowercase, a-z uppercase, ! & ‘ ( ) * + , - . / : ; ? = % @ < > ~ # $
  • Once an order is submitted it is unable to be changed. 

Please reference our monogram guide for further questions regarding personalization options.   

View our monogram guide here